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Where'd ya get that glow?

Jake Weckwerth Music

"Introducing Jake Weckwerth: Unveiling the Music of an Emerging Artist"

Press Release


Randa Teschner, Songwriter/Musician

Listening to “Where’d You Get That Glow?” is a big bear hug from the front man himself. Jake sings his heart out and gives you that warm fuzzy feeling of home… and by home I mean Canada. So do yerself a favour, pour yerself a glass of whatever and sit back and enjoy the glow.


Virginia Ranger, Musician

Jake Weckwerth tells a story of the struggle of dealing with love and loss on his debut 6 song EP “Where’d ya get that glow”. This collection of songs shows a diversity and musicality that was unexpected!

We are “marched” in with “Little Sunshine” , a tale of love lost with an ear catching guitar riff and haunting harmonies. The funky vibe of “can’t get you outta my head” is driven by the organ and almost makes you forget the sadness of the struggle he describes with his melancholy lyrics. The title track “that glow” has a country feel as Jake questions the fairytales that we are told of love as children and if they are even possible “I wanna live that fantasy, I wanna see what they want me to believe” with a sweet simple ambiance. This is directly followed by a dirty guitar intro for “The fool” .. a tale of lusting after a love that could never work. Dark undertones emphasize the sting of rejection in this song. “Unwanted me” is my favourite track on this album! Driven by distorted guitar and an upbeat tempo as if to disguise the desperation of realizing too late that the object of his affection has one foot out the door. It’s chilling and foot stomping good at the same time! The conclusion “are you ready” is a ballad that gives me the “crimson and clover” feels and really demonstrates Jake’s range.

It is exciting and refreshing to hear a story telling style similar to that of Johnny Cash reflecting the honest hardships in life that a young man might face with true transparency and grit.


James Oberfrank, Musician

I was blessed and cursed with an early taste of this album. Blessed because I got an early experience of future hits and cursed because I had to sit on them waiting for official release. Gritty and fun at the same time. New, fresh and different vibes yet familiar like your favourite tune in the car on the way to work, or pre drinks on a Friday. The Sheepdogs meets the Tragically Hip in their Road Apple days. I am a fan and can’t wait for more. Well Done Jake Weckwerth!


Upcoming Shows


Jake Weckwerth performs If You Could Read My Mind. Performed on the mostly frozen Ottawa River. (Lightfoot Cover)

Jake Weckwerth Music


About Me

Touring Folk Rock musician in & around the Ottawa Valley. Hittin' the cities and grippin' the towns. Raised in Pembroke, Ontario. Started out in July of 2010 when Jake played Pembroke's local music festival 'Sab Stock' hosted by Peter 'SAB' Sabourin. Jakes been playing local venues, private events, and hosting open mic nights in Pembroke for the last 5 years to establish and better himself as a musician. Working towards making his way into the surrounding cities music scenes, to network and collaborate with their local acts (Kingston, Ottawa, Toronto, Mississauga, London, Montreal).



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