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Jake Weckwerth RELEASES DEBUT EP "Where'd Ya Get That Glow?"

Jake Weckwerth’s Debut EP has already created some hype in the Ottawa Valley where the EP was written and recorded (Recorded in Calabogie, ON). Where’d Ya Get That Glow is a rock driven EP with elements of Folk, Country and Blues. There’s something for everyone on this record. Kicking off the EP with Little Sunshine, the western of the album, a hard rocking riffing introduction and ending the EP with a very approachable love ballad “Are You Ready?” featuring the extremely talented Jayla Kirkey, a legendary Ottawa musician. Producer Collin Carnegie helps bring out all the sweet undertones of Jake’s raw rocking vibes, while the Mastering of Joao Carvhallo (Toronto’s top mastering engineer) brings out the loudness and subtle nuances of what the boys in the studio worked so hard to achieve. You can tell by listening to this EP that there are many influences that go into the recordings. The lyrics and structure alone can give you hints of Bob Dylan, Neil Young, Tragically Hip, and Tom Petty - simple, but hard hitting and effective. “I always knew that you could write a beautiful song with only a few chords - my influencers do it all the time - I was just listening to some Tom Petty the other day and was reminded humorously that you can write a hit song with two chords and barely breathing into a harmonica…” Jake said after hearing You Don’t Know How It Feels by Tom Petty. “I’m not trying to do anything crazy, just trying to get the message of these songs through. Playing too much will cost ya if ya don’t do it right.” Jake then went on to say.

Jake Weckwerth’s vision for this EP was to get a solid team of musicians to contribute to the recording of this EP. Levi Post is the drummer on all these recordings and his volcanically accurate and unique drum style really take the songs to the next level, meanwhile the piano and keyboards are done by Mr. Tony Silvestri, a true virtuoso on the keys, which adds tonnes of musicality to the mix. To support the release of this 6 song EP Jake Weckwerth sought out the extremely talented videographer Jake Neville from Pembroke, ON to tell the story of these songs through the lens. All 6 songs will be supported with an Official Video so that the audience can see some of the wild stuff we get up to and also to see some of the iconic landmarks which were vital to the writing process. Jake Weckwerth will also be recording and filming these 6 songs with a live band and recording engineer at Pembroke’s Festival Hall to show the viewers what these songs can sound like live in a hall setting!

Jake has been touring around the Ottawa Valley for the last 5 years and now plans to tour ‘Where’d Ya Get That Glow’ around North America. His goal is to reach out to a bigger audience, play festivals, halls and see more of the world and other scenes on different scales. “It’s been a dream of mine to tour, for as long as I’ve been writing songs I’ve had the vision of being on the open road having my music as my guide. Leading me to bigger and better things musically, but also to show me all the wonders of the world I have yet to see.” said Jake.

Discover Jake Weckwerth Music: A Collection of Songs

Little Sunshine

Jake hits the ground running with Little Sunshine as he jumps straight into the bounding western type of track that would play over the opening credits of the movie version of his album. The swirling chorus lulls you into a sense of security before reminding you that little miss sunshine might be on daylight savings time. This hearty helping of cowboy confusion is a strong introduction to the tastes this album brings to the campfire.

Description Written By: Cory Desouza

The Fool

Swinging a song around, The Fool flirts with the popular ‘woe is me’ trope but, like warm butter, this song spreads itself over you and reminds you of every single insecurity that gnaws at your pride. The gentle swing of the band wants to sound sincere on its own, but it is the subtle swooning of Jake’s voice that saves the swing as his words wander around a lower register that reminds us all that he could have been a full time crooner if he really wanted.

Description Written By: Cory Desouza

Can't Get You Out
of My Mind

Digging into a dirtier blues groove, Can’t Get You out of My Head showcases the soul in Jake’s voice and amplifies it with a classic but well versed version of a jam night that survived a Saturday night and had the merit to make its way to the studio. The jam is alive in the music and we can hear the heart in the instruments as this track plays the hard to find but happy harmony between bluesy boss players and a well recorded rock n’ roll tune.

Description Written By: Cory Desouza

Unwanted Me

After telling us where he came from, Jake reminds us who he is. This crawling track creeps along and shares the tortured artist’s tale with an upbeat song that sloppy bar patrons can use as an excuse to smash steins. This might not be a single on the album, but Unwanted Me is the kind of song that Weckwerth Fans will drop conversations for to join the crowd, scream loud, and empty their glasses.

Description Written By: Cory Desouza

That Glow

The good old Valley Boy vibes shine through in That Glow as the bouncing bars marry rock n’ roll with a country flare that lets the listener know just where Jake comes from and teases at where he’s going. That Glow has all the fire and punch of a Crash Kings earworm, but it warms and welcomes the listener with thoughtful consideration. The title track reminds us that Jake has hope that he’s willing to share with all of us.

Description Written By: Cory Desouza

Are You Ready?

Like a lazy Sunday drive, Are You Ready? offers an anthem style sing-along to any lonely soul who wants an honest, heartfelt moment for reflection. The casual conversation with the backing vocals feels genuine, and it shows that, despite the strength of Jake’s voice, he’s happy and willing to play well with others. Are You Ready? leaves us on a high note and gives us the chance to give Jake an answer: Yes, we are ready - ready for more Jake Weckwerth Music.

Description Written By: Cory Desouza

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